Acts Folio

Acts Folio is an advertising agency with its own production house.

Acts Folio came into being because two individuals both of whom are
passionate about visual arts and dedicated to their profession,
decided to team up.

Amit is an avid photographer and he gave up his well paid corporate
job to pursue his passion, to explore the world and capture visuals with
his camera. With his own yoga wear startup he soon realized a new
market was opening up within the fast changing digital world.

Corporations with an eye to the future were moving swiftly to convert
to digital marketing of their products and brands for which they
needed professionally produced videos, short films on brands and
products and films about their Corporate Stories, and they wanted them
on short notice. He sensed a huge opportunity waiting to be tapped.

He found in Tina a Graphic artist, fine art painter and an Interior Designer with a fantastic
capacity to visualize concepts and an eye for detail, a kindred spirit
who would complement his own photographic skills. “We can work
together” he suggested, and that set the ball rolling.


Tina Singh - Creative Director

Tina is a complete artist. She paints, sketches, and photographs with equal elan, besides running her own Interior Design business.

Her qualifications of BFA in advertising from Arts College of Chandigarh, Masters in Fine Arts and Interior Design , Limperts Academy of Interior Design, Ireland, barely do justice to her talents.

Amit Chand -All in all but not decided what to call (aiabndwtc)

Is mad about photography and videos, wild about wild life imaging and crazily creative. He is abuzz with ideas and charged about trying out new stuff. A digital freak.....

His photographs have made it to several National and International publications.

Oh and he is an alumni of NIFT Hydrabad, and IIM Kolkotta.